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Brenda Medina

Personal Assistant for Team Gets it Done

Office: 719-547-1722

[email protected] 

Brenda Medina is a woman who sees the word challenge as an opportunity.  She is a person who looks at all situations from  all possible angles, determines the best course of action and ACTS.  She and her husband of 33 years have two grown and married sons.  Her family is her inspiration for all she does.   She finds great joy in simple things that please them.  Whether it is baking their favorite desserts or traveling to visit them for milestone moments in their lives, her family is a priority focus.  Other interest she enjoys is home improvements, whether it is remodeling  her home or landscaping her yard.  She has a strong faith in God which has guided her life to be a success in family and business. She has an associates degree and is self-taught in many things.  What ever Brenda can do to help the team succeed, she will do.  She is a behind-the-scene member of the team making certain everything is order for the team, their buyers and sellers.  She is definitely a “Gets It Done” type of person!